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The initial idea came from visiting a Toby Carvery in Manchester before I went to a gig. We googled how many Toby Carverys were in Great Britain and Wikipedia stated there was 134 (which later to turned out to be incorrect) and we thought it would be a good idea to visit a Toby Carvery ever time we watch a band. The same band played Brighton the next night so we went to the West Worthing restaurant. I realised it would take a long time to complete the quest so I decided to embark solely on visiting the restaurants independent of the gigs.

Initially was eating a roast dinner at restaurant I visited, but I started to struggle when visiting three Tobys a day. So the rule developed the meal should come from their menu. I first fourteen visits were recorded on Facebook’s “Check in” function with no photographic evidence. This was subsequently changed to twitter, with the photo included. I revisit the previous fourteen Tobys so the entire quest was photographed. If people accuse me of cheating, being mad or sad, I’m not bothered as they don’t have to follow me on twitter.

The photos were taken by Roger who has accompanied me on this quest. Roger is retired and registered blind so some of the photos are not in focus but it’s a simple process of pointing roger in the right direction and hoping he gets me in the frame.